Creating Experiences,
Propelling Business

Unleash new energy with ingenious connections between matter, people and processes. As a catalyst for lasting results.

Kinetic Consultancy, high-traffic-industry business architects


We understand

Grasping current and future dynamics

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We understand that the future is there for predictive businesses. Foresight is the response to the ever faster changing dynamics. Kinetic supports your high quality forward view. Kinetic as high-traffic industry specialist understands the current and future criteria that contribute to your success. We think outside existing frameworks and systems. We can indicate where your full potential is and where there are barriers. And base a robust strategy on those insights. As a means rather than an end. If the insight is already there, Kinetic provides the approach and capacity.

We connect

Joining the dots differently

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Achieving goals requires smart connections between matter, people and resources. Kinetic’s architecture creatively connects existing and new elements that unleashes new energy. The better the understanding of the human perspective, the better the design. Kinetic strengthens insights, operational strength, financial management, commercial performance and internal talent. Kinetic demystifies complexity and unleashes new energy as a catalyst for sustainable and permanent improved results.

We deliver

Putting business drivers to work

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Plans proof themselves in execution. Only thoughtful and well-crafted strategies: with skillful orchestration and practicable application, tangible as a precondition. The first framework of the plan until the full execution. No bulky reports that spend their time in a desk drawer. Kinetic support teams that infuse the transformation in such a way that the effect is permanent.


Consulting shoulder-to-shoulder

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United we stand. Once we align and determine what our mission is for your organisation, we prefer to integrate our teams. Kinetic shows its entrepreneurship by working with you as we work on analysis and insights, strategy and planning, finance and governance, marketing, customer experience and developing and training teams. The combined energy will set an organisaiton in motion. A movement that will gain force whilst it moves in the right direction.


“Kinetic Consultancy has been instrumental in developing our thinking on the future dynamics of our shopping centre, more specifically its backbone: the logistics. Kinetic Consultancy supported us with insights and supported this to develop these insight into a strategy and new business venture possibilities for the airport”.

Björn Olsson - Senior Vice-President Center Management Vienna International Airport

“Kinetic Consultancy supported our Business Development activities for our international region. Kinetic Consultancy has a deep understanding and oversight of business dynamics in the industry and supports that with a strong ability to translate objectives into a vision and tangible results. These results included new contract wins and brand partnerships.”

Walter Seib - CEO HMSHost International

“Kinetic has proven time and agian to excel in the alginment of parties in such a way that on hand new opportunities arise for the parties involved and on the other hand new and progressive partnerships and propositions emerge and come to life.”

Ernest van de Voort - Director Business Development, Marketing and Concepts Albron

“This day and age asked for true foresight with the human scale as foundation to realise impactful change in society. Kinetic Consultancy has used their unique capabilities to connect our stakeholders, our organisation and ideas to achieve remarkable and innovative goals.”

Paul Riemens PHD - CEO RAI Amsterdam


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Meeting & Conference Centers

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Food Service & Shopping

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Public Transport

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City & Shopping Centres


Insights & Analytics

Insights driven decision-making and future proofing

  • Customer analytics
  • Marketing research & analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Experience analysis and measurement
  • Portfolio assessment

Strategy & Planning

Be a predicive instead of a responsive business

  • Commercial strategy development & implementation
  • Innovation, new business models & proposition development
  • Commercial planning
  • Partnership model
  • Tender management

Financial & Governance

Harness the power of high-traffic locations

  • Business planning
  • Business care development
  • Risk analysis
  • Performance optimalisation
  • Joint-venture set-up & management
  • Contracting

Intelligent Marketing

Develop and sell the experience

  • Positioning
  • Brand & identity
  • Format development
  • Omni-channel
  • Campaign & promotions

Experience Design

Align your offer with the customer experience

  • Experience business dynamics
  • Cross disciplinary collaboration
  • Team and personal development
  • Team and personal training
  • Program and project management

People & Training

Empower your people, empower your organisation

  • Experience business dynamics
  • Cross disciplinary collaboration
  • Team and personal development
  • Team and personal training
  • Program and project management


Choosing our T-shaped
team as a service

You can rely on our flexible team of experienced professionals. We are all “T-shaped”: a specialism as a solid basis with on top of that a broad view, versatile connections amongst specialist and your organization. A team build on a foundation of friendship, craftsmanship and trust. Lean, mean and more than comfortable in the disciplines and dimensions of your quest. If necessary, supplemented with other experts from our wide and extensive network.

martijn-steur title=
Martijn Steur

Business architect and managing director

Creator of valuable connections. Martijn is the founder and managing director of Kinetic Consultancy. He has an extensive international track record as a commercial director, consultant and entrepreneur. According to valued business partners, he has the ingenuity and sharpness of a Swiss army knife. Martijn thinks both strategically and incredibly practical, he is focused on valuable and lasting connections and excites with creative solutions.

Gavin McKechnie – Strategic Advisor and Principal Consultant title=
Gavin McKechnie

Strategic Advisor and Principal Consultant

Experienced travel retail and high traffic business executive with a comprehensive back ground in various commercial executive positions such as Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, both as a landlord and as a concessionaire. Gavin combines deep industry insights with strong leadership skills and a desire to build strong and lasting relationships in business. Commercial management, strategy positioning, change management and complex partnership negotiations are topics he masters from experience. Gavin aims for the win-win, creating lasting impact and value in the business.

Rianne Oswald – Commercial and organizational development title=
Rianne Oswald

Commercial and organizational development

With her decades of experience in management, commercial development and coaching, she has an eye for potential and for people’s motives and needs. Rianne combines a sharp, expert eye with focus on results. She is at her best working with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams engaging in change processes.

Roderik Visser – Brand builder and concept creator title=
Roderik Visser

Brand builder and concept creator

An innovative marketer who strengthens brands and knows how to build a fan base. He knows the tricks of the trade in the strategic and tactical areas of marketing and communication. From positioning, proposition and brand identity to the use of resources and channels in an ideal omni-channel mix. Roderik has proven to forge strong teams to deliver results.

Mark Willems – Financial management and structuring partnerships title=
Mark Willems

Financial management and structuring partnerships

Financial strategist with a comprehensive back ground in financial positions such as CFO and finance director, Mark combines deep financial insights with commercial acumen. Financial management, strategic analysis, corporate governance, joint venture management, acquisitions and acquisition: topics he masters from experience. Mark always sees opportunities to increase profitability through analysis, process improvements and transitions.

juriaan-van-waalwijk title=
Juriaan van Waalwijk

Business Analyst and Customer Journey Specialist

Curious and a researcher at hart. Juriaan is an experienced business intelligence analyst who gains insights from qualitative and quantitative data. Juriaan uniquely understands how to translate data in tangible customer journey improvements. His analyses often underpin the next steps and direction in business development, concept development and improvements in customer experience.

Janneke Prins- Project leader and process accelerator title=
Janneke Prins

Project leader and process accelerator

Vigorous and enterprising project leader. In the past decades’ years Janneke has fulfilled a variety of advice and project leader roles. She knows like no other how to create overview and realize solutions in complex environments. Clients call her structured with a human approach. She knows how to bring and keep an overview of the matter and to accelerate processes. Whether it is on the factory floor or in the boardroom, Janneke knows to inspire action.