Benchmark and optioneering CPK

Airport commercial benchmark and design optioneering for Polish transfer hub

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, Social Transport Hub Photo credit Fosters + Partners

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, Social Transport Hub, is a planned transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź, Poland, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. Located 37 km west of Warsaw it covers 3,000 ha. and will handle 40 million passengers a year during its first stage.  The transport hub is one of the largest European greenfield developments of the past decades, and probably for the foreseeable future.

Kinetic Consultancy supported the design team in benchmarking and validating the proposed commercial offer. Together with a multidisciplinary design team, we reimagined the commercial layout of the transport hub and reviewed the commercial potential of the plan. Adjustments to the design, and opportunities for commercial improvement and additional revenue where proposed.


Realised for the design team of CPK

  • Commercial benchmark of revenue streams
  • Expert review of the lay-out of the general area and retail area
  • Alternatives to realise the envisioned design
  • Review of the proposed business model and overall commercial potential